The easy way
to shop your groceries.

Amazon Fresh has over 10.000 products, including vegetables, eggs, pasta, meat, and even regional products.
The shopping experience can be done directly on or through the Amazon app and groceries are delivered in one to two hours, making Amazon Fresh one of the fastest grocery delivery services around.



The pandemic has raised online demand for food products and the market is already full of similar services.
So how to create a buzz about Amazon Fresh and get it noticed? The goal is to engage people and change their online shopping habits, making Amazon Fresh the leading grocery delivery player.


#amazonfreshchallenge, a campaign on TikTok sponsored by the most followed food creators to engage the whole community.
How it works? Ambassadors will create their own video recipes, inviting people to replicate or modify them and post the result on the social network.
To make it easier they will provide a link in bio, promoted within the video, from which people can access the Amazon Fresh shopping list containing all the necessary ingredients.

Users can buy products and wait up to two hours for the delivery.
After that they can make their own recipe and upload the video on TikTok inviting their viewers to participate in the challenge as well, involving the whole community and creating brand awareness.